Weekend Wrap: First Regatta of 2023 Runs in St. Catharines
Competition/ May 1

Weekend Wrap: First Regatta of 2023 Runs in St. Catharines

The St. Catharines Rowing Club’s Early Bird Regatta kicked off the high school rowing season on Sunday on the Henley Course in St. Catharines.

A total of 14 high school rowing programs took part in the event, with many coming from the Niagara region. There were 82 total entries with the competitors racing in singles, doubles, pairs, quads, fours and eights in men’s, women’s and mixed junior, senior and novice divisions. Of the 14 schools competing, 11 earned first place finishes in at least one of the 32 race divisions. Sir Winston Churchill of St. Catharines, who had the most entries in the event with 13, led the way with eight first place finishes, followed closely by Branksome Hall of Toronto, who earned seven. As an all-girls high school, Branksome’s victories all came in the women’s division.

Other schools earning multiple victories on Sunday included Ridley College (3), Eden High School (3), Saint Paul High School (2), St. Francis High School (2), and Governor Simcoe Secondary School (2).

Men’s Winners
Novice Men’s 4x+: Ridley 7:11.51
Novice Men’s 8+: Churchill 7:02.51
Junior Men’s 2x: St. Paul 7:27.14
Junior Men’s 4+: Churchill 7:52.06
Junior Men’s 4x+: Ridley 7:02.64
Junior Men’s Ltwt 4x+: Churchill 7:26.75
Junior Men’s 72kg 8+: Denis Morris 7:21.18
Senior Men’s 1x: Eden 7:32.99
Senior Men’s 72kg 1x: Eden 7:35.05
Senior Men’s 2-: Simcoe 7:35.76
Senior Men’s 2x: West Niagara 6:56.64
Senior Men’s 72kg 2x: St. Francis 7:28.67
Senior Men’s 4x: Ridley (Radwan) 6:28.13
Senior Men’s 4+: Simcoe 7:44.71
Senior Men’s 72kg 4+: Churchill 7:18.33
Senior Men’s 8+: Holy Cross 6:35.53

Women’s Winners
Novice Women’s 4x+: Blessed Trinity 8:24.6
Novice Women’s 8+: Branksome 7:49.39
Junior Women’s 1x: Churchill 8:27.5
Junior Women’s 2x: Eden 7:52.21
Junior Women’s 4+: Branksome 7:55.91
Junior Women’s 4x+: Saint Paul 8:13.56
Junior Women’s 63kg 4+: Branksome (Campbell) 8:12.5
Junior Women’s 63kg 8+: Branksome 7:40.15
Junior Women’s 8+: Churchill 7:23.64
Senior Women’s 1x: Eden 8:26.78
Senior Women’s 2x: Churchill (Harrison) 7:32.51
Senior Women’s 4x: Churchill 7:49.75
Senior Women’s 4+: Branksome 7:39.67
Senior Women’s 63kg 4+: Branksome (Curry) 7:46.02
Senior Women’s 8+: Branksome 7:17.67

Mixed Winners
Mixed 4x: St. Francis 7:57.42

For more information on the Early Bird Regatta please visit Regatta Central.

Picture is property of St. Francis High School Rowing.