What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

All centralized athletes who train at the ONGPC have access to full-time professional coaching among a myriad of other benefits, including:

  • Low athlete-to-coach ratios. This will ensure a conducive learning environment and a timely progression on the development curve for athletes.
  • A year-long training program including strength and conditioning, 24/7 monitoring through Kinduct, insurance through CAIP, equipment and equipment insurance and video and analysis.
  • Integrated training with the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) and their team of physiologists, nutritionists, bio mechanists, sport psychologists and strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Exclusive training in HUDSON singles, an important initial step in the development stages for athletes with goals of future high-performance success.
  • Competitive opportunities at the National Rowing Championships and RowOn Small Boat Regatta, as well as RCA NextGen opportunities and provincial team programs based on individual performance and progression.
  • Mentorship opportunities for younger athletes working with more established and experienced athletes.
  • Access to train at one of the premiere rowing venues in the country on pristine waterways and excellent dry-land training facilities.
  • Coach, equipment and administrative support at targeted events
  • Access to Doubles (2x) and Pairs (2-)

Is the Ontario NextGen Development Program for You?

If you are a dedicated athlete with aspirations to row at the national level the Ontario NextGen Performance Centre could be for you. We are looking for athletes who:

  • Aspire to advance to the National Team program
  • Are dedicated to train 18-24 hours per week
  • Are looking for a holistic and comprehensive training program (including Sport Science/Sports Med)
  • Want to train in a high performance environment and train with other high performance athletes
  • Want to train in an athlete-centred environment, with the outcome focused on development and long-term performance