ROWONTARIO National Rowing Championships/ Canada Cup – Bulletin #1


The 2016 National Rowing Championships will take place from September 22-24 in Burnaby, BC. The new Canada Cup Regatta will follow the NRC Regatta on September 25 at the same location.

Racing distance for able bodied events will be 2,000m and 1,000m for the para-rowing events. Note that all 2000 m events will commence with time trials in their respective groups, instead of heats, regardless of the number of total entries within a group.

To complete the ROWONTARIO registration for the 2016 National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup, please click HERE.

1) To compete at the National Rowing Championships, Ontario athletes must be registered in the competitive rower category through an Ontario member club by August 15, 2016 and,

2) Athletes must achieve the ROWONTARIO Club Elite 2k Standard and submit a 2k score to the RADAR database by August 15, 2016 or have represented Canada on a 2016 National Team or be identified as a TID athlete and,

3) Athletes must have a ROWONTARIO uniform while racing at the regattas. The deadline to submit your request for entry to the 2016 NRCs is Sunday September 11th at 11:59pm EDT. Late entries will not be accepted.

All entries are to be made online via the ROWONTARIO website. A link will be provided by June 15, 2016 through the ROWONTARIO website. All ON athletes must submit their entry request via this link. Athletes are not able to submit entries directly to the NRC Organizing Committee through Regatta Central.

Entry fees for the NRC Races will be $140 per athlete.

Additional entry fees for Canada Cup events will be covered by ROWONTARIO. Final entries to the Canada Cup events will be determined by ROWONTARIO.

Entry fees include a ticket to the Awards Banquet to be held on Saturday evening September 25, following the NRC Races.

Scratch fees including ‘no shows’ of $50 will be the responsibility of the athlete.

Some funding may be available through ROWONTARIO for eligible athletes. Information will be published as it becomes available. Any available funding will be prioritized based on 2k RADAR scores and athletes’ participation in Canada Cup races.

There will be 24 events at the National Rowing Championships Including:

– Women’s Singles (W1x, LW1x, BW1x, BLW1x, JW1x)
– Women’s Pairs (W2-, BW2-, JW2-)
– Men’s Singles (M1x, LM1x, BM1x, BLM1x, JM1x)
– Men’s Pairs (M2-, LM2-, BM2-, BLM2-, JM2-)
– PARA Events 1000m (ASW1x, ASM1x, TAW1x, TAM1x, LTAW2x/-, LTAM2x/-)

The 10 Canada Cup Events include two races for each event (2000m followed by 500m):
– Canada Games Eligible Quads (W4x, M4x)
– Doubles (LW2x, LM2x)
– Quads (W4x, M4x, LW4x)
– Fours (LM4-)
– Eights (W8+, M8+)

The general schedule shall be:

– NRC Thur-Fri: TT’s, reps, quarter and semi-finals as needed
– NRC Friday: Finals C and D and lower as needed
– NRC Saturday: Finals B and A and Para finals
– Saturday evening: Awards banquet

– CC Sunday: Provincial/Regional teams 2x, 4x, 4- and 8+ races

Note that all athletes must wear the official ROWONTARIO uniform to race. New ROWONTARIO uniforms are available from DSA at

The Hilton –  The Hilton will be used as the banquet site for the National Rowing Championships.

Fortius Sport and Health

Happy Day Inn

The Met Hotel

Please contact Mike Purcer with any questions regarding entries for NRCs.