RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference

RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference

Starts27Nov ’20

The RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference is being brought to the rowing community thanks to a partnership between Row Ontario, Rowing Canada Aviron and AMP Rowing.

  • Event Dates Nov 27 - Dec 06, 2020
  • Host Row Ontario
  • Location Virtual

The RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference will take place from Nov. 27 – Dec. 6 in conjunction with the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference.

Registered conference participants will receive access to all of the World Rowing Conference sessions as well as five additional sessions run by Row Ontario (see session descriptions below). This conference is a unique opportunity for coaches to virtually attend the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference and gain valuable professional development knowledge and earn PD points!

World Rowing will be hosting one or two sessions per day during the conference dates. Some of Row Ontario’s sessions will be related and complimentary to the World Rowing session topics.

Who can attend?
Anyone! The conference is NOT restricted to Ontario residents.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $40+HST for the RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference AND the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference or $25+HST for just the RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference.

What sessions are Row Ontario running?
Please see the session schedules and descriptions with the presenter bios below!

How can I register?
By clicking on the link below! (The registration link can also be found at the bottom of the page)

What is the registration deadline?
The registration deadline is Friday, Nov. 20!
We are keeping registrations for the five Row Ontario conference sessions open until 5pm on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Registrations for access to the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference have now closed.

RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference Registration

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RowOn Virtual Coaching Conference Sessions

Session 1: Practicalities of Competing at, Coaching for, and Running a Coastal Beach Sprint Event

Date: Saturday, Nov. 28
Time: 3pm EST
Presenters: Aubrey Oldham (Leander Boat Club), Bill Donegan (RCA Licensed Chief Umpire/FISA Umpire), Sarah Pidgen (Don Rowing Club)
Description: Organizing a Coastal Beach Sprint event is not complicated, but it does require thought and planning. Volunteers and umpires will find it to be an exciting new experience and they need to be prepared. The course layout, start/finish procedures, safety plans, and field of play plan, all need attention. This new form of rowing opens many exciting possibilities for the development of the sport.

For competitors, there are many different nuances to participating in coastal rowing. Running, agility, boatmanship, understanding waves, tides, drift and wind are all important components of success in coastal beach sprints.

This session will explore the HOWS of Beach Sprints so that Coaches, Athletes and Officials will be prepared to take on this new form of racing.

Presenter Bios:

After two decades of hoping for flatwater on Hamilton Harbour, Aubrey Oldham jumped into coastal rowing in 2019. Last fall, Aubrey represented Canada in the CM1x and CMix2x at the inaugural World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in China and competed at the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Hong Kong.

Bill Donegan has been involved in rowing for more than 45 years and has competed and served at all levels of rowing. Bill has been active in organizing domestic coastal rowing events and umpiring coastal events both domestically and internationally. He is a certified World Rowing umpire and long-time member of the RCA umpiring community.

After competing in flatwater rowing for many years from a young age, Sarah Pidgen started coastal rowing in 2019. Sarah competed at the 2019 Canadian Rowing Beach Sprints where she placed first in the Women’s solo event and was selected to represent at the 2019 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals held in Shenzhen, China. Sarah is a member of the Don Rowing Club and a certified professional engineer.

Session 2: Failure to Execute: A Framework for Assessing the Root Causes of Technical Gaps

Date: Monday, Nov. 30
Time: 7pm EST
Presenters: Jordan Clarke (CSIO) and Dr. Amanda Schweinbenz (NextGen Performance Coach)
Description: This session will explore a framework for assessing an athlete’s gaps in executing great technique at race pace. The session will explore three categories of reasons why an athlete may be failing to execute: Ability, Awareness and Apathy.

  1. Ability: Does the athlete have the physical ability to execute the skill, considering such factors as mobility, stability, strength, and fitness?
  2. Awareness: Does the athlete know what they are doing wrong or what the correct movement should look like?
  3. Apathy: Does the athlete care about making the change? Do they buy in to the change and are they trying to fix it?

Participants will learn various tools and strategies coaches can use to assess and address each category of technical breakdown to improve race-day performance.

Presenter Bios:

Jordan Clarke (MKin, University of Calgary) is a Sport Scientist with Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) and the NextGen Sport Science, Sports Medicine lead for Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA). In his role, Jordan works with RCA and Row Ontario coaches, along with other sport science and medicine experts, to assist the athletes in achieving their optimal success. Jordan provides physiological support, as well as strength and condition support to the athletes throughout their training, competition, and recovery programs as part of the rowing integrated support team. He is also responsible for overseeing testing and monitoring of athletes on an ongoing basis to support NextGen rowers throughout the Athlete Development Pathway.

Dr. Amanda Schweinbenz is the head coach of the Ontario Performance Centre and Ontario Academy of Rowing, as well as an Associate Professor with the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University. Prior to joining the staff at Row Ontario, Amanda was the Head Coach at Sudbury Rowing Club and Laurentian University, where she was named OUA women’s coach of the year in 2011. Amanda has coached with provincial and national teams since 2015, including coaching the LTA Mix4+ team to a bronze medal at the 2015 World Rowing Championships.

Session 3: Safe Sport Translated for Rowing

Date: Wednesday, Dec. 2
Time: 7pm EST
Presenters: Lisa Roddie (COAST) and Iain Wilson (NCCP Coach Developer/Head Coach Hanlan Boat Club)
Description: Learn more about Safe Sport and what it means from a rowing coach perspective. This session is designed to mix knowledge about Safe Sport and specific applications in a rowing environment. The goal of our session is to translate the vast information and language used in Safe Sport material into practical explanations and tips for situations that rowing coaches encounter on an ongoing basis.

Every Coach has a role to play in creating a safe sport environment for athletes and each other, this session aims to build your understanding of safe sport and what implementation of current best practices and upcoming policies may look like.

Presenter Bios:

Lisa Roddie has worked in Not for Profit management for over 30 years including the last five years supporting Ontario rowing clubs with issues like Safe Sport. Lisa was an active member of the Ontario Safe Sport Task Force, working with Ontario sports on current up to date Safe Sport expectations and deliverables.

Iain Wilson has worked in the sports industry for 15 years. As a Rowing Coach, Administrator and Coach Developer at the Club and University levels, he has worked with a wide range of athletes and has implemented Safe Sport principles into the organizational culture.

Session 4: Updated ‘RCA Rowing Technique’ Model: A Template for Individual Performance

Date: Thursday, Dec. 3
Time: 7pm EST
Presenters: Dr. Volker Nolte (RCA Master Coach Developer), Michelle Darvill (RCA National Team Coach)
Description: This session will focus on three topics related to the newly-updated “RCA Rowing Technique” model:

  1. Recent changes to the ‘RCA Rowing Technique’ model used in our NCCP coach education programs. The ‘RCA Rowing Technique’ document that is used in the reference material for the NCCP coach education has recently been revised. This session will outline some of the document’s improvements and highlight the idea of an ‘ideal’ rowing technique.
  2. Application of the ‘RCA Rowing Technique’ on the National Team. National team coaches use the RCA Rowing Technique as a template and apply it to the athletes’ body type and the specific requirements of the different boat classes. Examples will show some athletes’ specific rowing style based on the ideal rowing technique.
  3. Applying the ‘RCA Rowing Technique’ Model for Club and Masters rowers

Recreational and competitive club rowers also need a template to find ideas how to improve their individual performance. The session will share what they consider to be the main points that such rowers should use for their technique training.

Presenter Bios:

Volker Nolte had a long and distinguished coaching career. He was the men’s national team coach with the German Rowing Association from 1984-1990 and with RCA from 1992-2000, as well as from 2012-2016. He also coached the Western Mustangs men’s rowing team from 1993 until his retirement from coaching in 2017 and the women’s team from 2010-17. For all his work in coach education, he received in January 2013 the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and was named Ontario Coach of the Year in 1993 and 2014 for his outstanding success in coaching. Finally, RowOntario awarded to Nolte in 2017 the President’s Award and Rowing Canada in 2018 the Lifetime Achievement Award to celebrate his achievements in many areas of rowing.

Michelle Darvill competed for both Canada and Germany winning multiple titles and medals at World Championships and World Cups. She transitioned to coaching and has since worked with all classes and levels; High School beginner, Development, Para, National Team and masters.
From 2009 to 2016 she led the U23 Canadian Women’s Team, with crews winning 9 medals. In 2007 and 2011 she coached Pan Am crews to 8 medals and in 2017 she was the crew coach of the silver medal Senior Women’s 8+. Michelle was honoured with the Petro-Canada Excellence Award in 2018. She is currently coaching National Team athletes preparing them for Tokyo.

Session 5: Who Is On My Team? A Courageous Conversation About Race and Rowing

Date: Saturday, Dec. 5
Time: 12:30pm EST
Presenters: Suzanne Chaulk, Moderator (CAO Master Coach Developer), Lee Anna Osei (Founder, Director of the Black Canadian Coaches Association), Dr. Carl James (Professor and Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora, York University), Dale Plett (President, North American Indigenous Games Council)
Description: Join panelists Lee Anna Osei (founder and Director of the Black Canadian Coaches Association), Dr. Carl E. James (Senior Advisor on Equity and Representation at York University), and Dale Plett (the first female president of the North American Indigenous Games Council) in a courageous conversation about who participates in our programs – and who is missing. Moderated by NCCP Master Coach Developer Suzanne Chaulk, panelists and participants will challenge the status quo by exploring the connection between diversity and success—in both dollars and medals—realized by other comparable sports using a Canadian sport context. Coaches will engage in a planning session to discuss practical, real-world strategies for building bridges to the BIPOC community and will begin the courageous work of acknowledging and addressing the potential challenges and barriers that may arise when we begin this important work in our own club contexts.

Presenter Bios:

Lee Anna Osei is a Ghanaian-Canadian university varsity athletic basketball coach and educator at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX).. In 2012 she founded Canletes Basketball, an organization devoted to supporting the Ontario basketball sport community, and specifically females through running showcase events, tournaments, and offering mentorship and recruitment consulting services. In 2018-2019, Coach Lee was hired as the first female Head Coach in StFX university’s athletic history and is the only Black female Head Coach in the history of the Maritimes. Lee Anna is the founder and director of the Black Canadian Coaches Association, an organization that celebrates, empowers and advocates for Black Canadians in our sport community.

Dr. Carl E. James holds the Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community and Diaspora in the Faculty of Education at York University. He is Professor in the Faculty of Education and holds cross-appointments in the Graduate Programs in Sociology, Social and Political Thought, and Social Work. Carl is widely recognized for his research contributions in the areas of intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender, class and citizenship as they shape identification/identity; the ways in which accessible and equitable opportunities in education and employment account for the lived experiences marginalized community members; and the complementary and contradictory nature of sports in the schooling and educational attainments of racialized students.

Dale Plett is the President of the 2020 North American Indigenous Games and is the first Indigenous woman to hold the top position in the international sports event. She is a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation in Ontario.

2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference

Information on  the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference can be found below:

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The 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference announcement:

World Rowing Coaches Conference for 2020 Follows the Virtual Route

Note: We are keeping registrations for the five Row Ontario conference sessions open until 5pm on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Registrations for access to the 2020 World Rowing Coaches Conference have now closed.

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