Ontario Umpires Selected for National Events
Announcement/ Apr 13

Ontario Umpires Selected for National Events

Several of Ontario’s top umpires were appointed to Canadian National Juries as part of RCA’s National Jury Support Program over the weekend.

The nomination process for the juries began with the RCA Umpires Committee asking the Provincial Rowing Associations to pre-select and rank the umpires in their respective provinces and submit their names to the RCA National Juries Sub-Committee. The sub-committee then reviewed the applications and made recommendations to the RCA Umpires Committee.

Heading the list with two Chief Umpire appointments was veteran Tom Blacquiere (Welland, Ont.), who was named Chief Umpire for both the 2020 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta as well as the 2021 Canada Summer Games. Other Chief Umpire appointments included Melanie Bryce (Ottawa) for the 2020 National Rowing Championships and Andrew Smith (London, Ont.) for the 2020 Canadian University Rowing Championships. Tristan Armesto (Toronto) was also named to the jury for the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.

The Row Ontario Umpires Committee would like to thank all umpires who applied to the National Jury Support Program in the first round.  Several qualified names were submitted for each regatta, which speaks to the depth of experience in the Ontario umpire community.  A maximum of one out-of-province umpire is eligible for the Program, not including the Chief Umpire, making for a competitive selection process that takes into account an umpire’s experience and previous involvement in the Program.

An additional nine umpires from Ontario will be assigned for the National Rowing Championships and 12, including the Deputy Chief Umpire, will be named for the Canadian University Rowing Championships. The Row Ontario Umpires Committee will announce an application and selection process for these remaining appointments in the coming months, upon direction from the RCA Umpires Committee.

Depending on the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic, the appointments may change if a regatta is cancelled as a result of a government order.

For more information on how to become an umpire, please visit Become an Umpire.