Row Ontario Seeks Experienced NCCP Coach Developers
Announcement/ Feb 27

Row Ontario Seeks Experienced NCCP Coach Developers

Row Ontario, in collaboration with Rowing Canada Aviron, is seeking experienced, certified coaches to join its team of NCCP Coach Developers (CDs).  CDs are champions of coach education and mentorship and play an essential role in ensuring rowing coaches across the country are adequately trained and certified to provide the best experience for their athletes.

NCCP Coach Developers include Learning Facilitators (LFs), Coach Evaluators (CEs), and Master Coach Developers (MCDs). (Click each role title to learn more)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Compliant with the Row Ontario Coach Certification Policy;
  • Certified in the context in which they are delivering (LTR Coach and/or RCA Coach);
  • Preference will be given to applicants who were trained in the new NCCP (e.g., completed workshops in 2008 or later for LTR Coach and/or 2012 or later for RCA Coach);
  • Recognized technical and coaching experience (minimum 3 years’ experience coaching);

Desired Skills:

  • Communication: strong ability to speak clearly and communicate professionally;
  • Public Speaking: comfortable presenting in front of a group, able to keep presentations within given time limits, able to adapt to questions and participant factors;
  • Facilitation: strong ability to facilitate discussion, listen actively, evoke participation, and move discussions along when required;
  • Organization: well prepared, organized and professional; replies promptly to emails and phone calls

Application Process
Expressions of interest should be submitted by to Andrea Miller with “Coach Developer Expression of Interest” in the subject line by March 23rd 4:00PM.  Please indicate to which role(s) and context(s) you are applying and indicate how your experience, expertise and attributes align with the candidate profile above.  Please also indicate how you see yourself balancing the commitment expectations described above within the context of your current roles/responsibilities.

Top candidates will be invited for a phone interview and will be asked to provide a letter of reference from their home club supporting their application.  We thank all others for applying. Row Ontario will recommend its decision to RCA, who will make the final selection.

Questions can be directed to Andrea Miller, Sport Development Manager for Row Ontario.

For full information on becoming an NCCP Coach Developer, including training and commitment expectations, please see the NCCP Coach Developer Guidelines.