Row Ontario’s COVID-19 Response to Premier Ford’s May 14 Announcement
Announcement/ May 14

Row Ontario’s COVID-19 Response to Premier Ford’s May 14 Announcement

Today the Government of Ontario announced another positive step towards allowing rowers in Ontario to have a Summer that can take place on the water. Row Ontario has been working hard to stay on top of each government announcement and how they may impact all of our member organizations. We have been working with the leaders of each member club as information comes out and this situation evolves.

While Premier Ford did discuss boat clubs in his daily press conference this afternoon it will take time for more detailed information to be available and could take a few days to get the actual wording of the legislation and what that may mean to you, our rowers. We are still awaiting more guidance from the government and public health on what may be permitted. As we gather that information, we will continue to work with RCA regarding information about insurance coverage for member clubs and registered participants. Even with that information, as many of you have encountered, each local municipality may interpret the announcement different and implement differently.

None of the government announcements have been black and white and this announcement cannot be taken as a green light to jump on the water tomorrow. It is a great step towards that however and a step to celebrate! It is a sign that we can keep the forward momentum towards more on the water activity and continue to prepare systems to be able to enjoy the prime summer months on the water.

Row Ontario will work as efficiently as possible to help provide clarity to the grey areas and share information with our member organizations. When the green light is given, each Club’s Board of Directors will still need to evaluate their risks and the systems and protocols required as well as consider individual specific factors such as their protocols and municipal interpretations. There is a plethora of changes required at each of your organizations to meet the required guidelines and they will take time to implement before your Board of Directors can commit to proceeding with any reopening activities. Both RCA and Row Ontario are offering webinars next week to help guide clubs through the requirements to reopening with tips on how to implement. It is essential that the clubs have completely put the systems in place to protect the health and safety of all participants before opening.

Registration for the Row Ontario COVID-19 Member Club Town Hall webinar has been sent to Club Presidents and Main Club Contacts. Please check your emails for registration.

Registration for RCA’s webinar can be done at the below link:

RCA Return to Rowing Planning – May 19 – 6pm EST

The choices each and every one of us makes in the days ahead will absolutely define what the 2020 season looks like for the entire Ontario rowing community. We encourage you to heed that thought as you move forward. We need to set the tone for compliance and ensure our organizations are able to meet, and exceed when possible, the guidelines as we start to open to be able to continue to see more and more opportunities for rowing this summer.

Stay Safe, Stay Patient and Stay Tuned!