Long Service and Volunteer Certificate Award Winners Announced
Announcement/ Jan 21

Long Service and Volunteer Certificate Award Winners Announced

While a regatta season was not able to take place last year, the hard work of the Ontario rowing community’s volunteers continued throughout 2020. Row Ontario celebrated their outstanding volunteer work on Thursday by announcing the Long Service Award winners and Volunteer Certificate recipients.

Long Service Awards are given to registered participants of a member club who has volunteered in the Ontario rowing community for 15 years or more. Volunteer Certificates are presented by member clubs to their hard-working volunteers who have invested countless time and energy into the sport of rowing.

The 2020 award winners are as follows:

Long Service Awards

15 Years
Walter Hill – Barrie Rowing Club
Dave Boyd – Brockville Rowing Club
Brian Howe – Don Rowing Club
Cori Simms – Don Rowing Club
Diane Barr – Georgian Bay Rowing Club
Jeff Garms – Georgian Bay Rowing Club
Bill Rankin – Georgian Bay Rowing Club
Michelle Richardson – Guelph Rowing Club
Isobelle Grey – Guelph Rowing Club
David Barker – Guelph Rowing Club
Heather Kooistra – Guelph Rowing Club
Mike Atkinson – Guelph Rowing Club
Pam Healey – Guelph Rowing Club
Peggy Buchanan – Guelph Rowing Club
Ralph Manktelow – Island Lake Rowing Club
Peter Bursztyn – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Donna Speigel – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Arnold Vandermeer – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Patrick Vincent – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Richard Vincent – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Scott Withers – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Barb Pidgen – Orillia Rowing Club
Mario Ventresca – South Niagara Rowing Club
Jim Finley – St. Catharines Rowing Club

20 Years
Derek Vair – Barrie Rowing Club
Gordon Smith – Durham Rowing Club
Julia Smith – Durham Rowing Club
Vlad Zulinov – Guelph Rowing Club
Pat Zulinov – Guelph Rowing Club
Nicole Bellefleur – Guelph Rowing Club
Jane McKinnon Wilson – Guelph Rowing Club
Joanne Ryks – Guelph Rowing Club
Pat Weir – Guelph Rowing Club
Pia Muchaal – Guelph Rowing Club
Brian Sulley – Guelph Rowing Club
Dave Leger – Guelph Rowing Club
Rita Harris – Guelph Rowing Club
Fiona McCrea – Guelph Rowing Club
Tanya Lonsdale – Guelph Rowing Club
Jack Wilhelm – Guelph Rowing Club
Cathy Wilson – Island Lake Rowing Club
Aleks Lietz – Island Lake Rowing Club
Shane Curry – Island Lake Rowing Club
Jack Lacrooy – Island Lake Rowing Club
Wernher Verbraeken – Niagara Falls Rowing Club
Nathan Swick – Ridley Graduate Boat Club
Scott Taylor – South Niagara Rowing Club
Helen Taylor – South Niagara Rowing Club
Glenn Bailey –Thunder Bay Rowing Club

25 Years
Peter Bursztyn – Barrie Rowing Club
Kevin Roye – Barrie Rowing Club
Cheryl Arends – Barrie Rowing Club
Elaine Bursztyn – Barrie Rowing Club
Larry Holmes – Brockville Rowing Club
Katherine Rowan – Brockville Rowing Club
Ernst Peters – Ontario Adventure Rowing
Ed Berkhout – Ridley Graduate Boat Club
Shannon Hengen – Sudbury Rowing Club
Karl Skierszkan – Sudbury Rowing Club

30 Years
Mona Turnbull – Barrie Rowing Club
Georgia Hess – Barrie Rowing Club
Mark Potter – Barrie Rowing Club
Deanne Moore – Brockville Rowing Club
Ed Fournier – Ottawa Rowing Club
Julia Fournier – Ottawa Rowing Club
Barbara Courtin – Sudbury Rowing Club

35 Years
Chris Marshall – Brockville Rowing Club
Ernst Peters – Don Rowing Club

45 Years
Ken Campbell – St. Catharines Rowing Club
Mike Purcer – St. Catharines Rowing Club
Brian Thorne – St. Catharines Rowing Club

50 Years
Cliff Brimmell – Ottawa Rowing Club
Jim Marino – St. Catharines Rowing Club

55 Years
Tim Rigby – Ridley Graduate Boat Club
Harry Edmonstone – St. Catharines Rowing Club

Club Volunteer Certificates

Argonaut Rowing Club
Graham Bolton
Parker Janes
Karen Lightheart
Bill McGuire
Erich Schultze

Barrie Rowing Club
Marian Filo-Carroll
Christine Ignas

Cambridge Rowing Club
David Coode
Alan Willemsen

Don Rowing Club
Paule Dion
Steve Dmytrasz
Karen Drysdale-Chung
Yara Ensminger

Durham Rowing Club
Ian Morrison

Georgian Bay Rowing Club
Diane Barr

Guelph Rowing Club
Cameron Harvey
Pam Healey

Hanlan Boat Club
Geoffrey Church
Julia Toljagic

Island Lake Rowing Club
Ann Nelson
Julie Wood

Leander Boat Club
Karly Doehring
Amy Hondronicols
Craig Pollock

Niagara Falls Rowing Club
Joseph Iacobaccio

Notre Dame Rowing Club
Rhiannon Zahorchak

Orillia Rowing Club
Fern Splichal

Ottawa Rowing Club
Dr. Christina Fernandez
Kate Goodfellow
Kerin Hudson
Sandra Milton
Robin Pagé
Clementine Van Veen

Peterborough Rowing Club
Roberta Hubble
John Nelson
Jen Tuters

Ridley Graduate Boat Club
Michelle Johnson

South Niagara Rowing Club
Justin Green
Scott Taylor

St. Catharines Rowing Club
Lauren Kelly
Kory Layfield
Jim Marino
Lindsay Sferrazza
Hunter Young

Sudbury Rowing Club
Carolyn Knight

Thunder Bay Rowing Club
Kathleen Roulston

University of Toronto Rowing
Tom Stevens

Western University Rowing
John Bullen

Volunteer Certificates and Long Service Award pins will be sent to all clubs who submitted nominations for distribution to their award winners at a later date. Other Row Ontario award categories typically given out were not distributed this year due to the cancelled regatta season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.