National Rowing Championship Recap
Competition/ Oct 1

National Rowing Championship Recap

This past weekend, ROWONTARIO’s U19 and U17 Provincial Teams tested themselves against the best rowers in the nation, at the 2019 Rowing Canada Aviron National Rowing Championships (NRCs) and Canada Cup regattas.

NRCs are used by Rowing Canada to crown small boat champions, in the pair and single, for each respective age category. This regatta is one of many steps for athletes on their path to representing Canada at international competition; this includes hopefuls for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, only 11 months away. The event, held at Burnaby Lake, British Columbia, was comprised of over 250 rowers from across the country, including Junior, U23, and Senior National Team athletes.

The National Rowing Championships saw some rough racing conditions early in the week, which challenged all athletes. Ontario’s Liam Benner commented, “it’s exciting racing… you get to see where you stack up against the best rowers in the country”.

The ROWONTARIO Provincial Teams completed time trials Thursday morning and raced an additional 2-3 races to seed into their respective finals. The team had strong performances from all athletes, as they raced alongside Canada’s best, in what was a first NRCs for many on the team.

ROWONTARIO Provincial Team Results

U19 Men

  • Kyle Nummi THIRD place Jr M1x (7:46.44)
  • Kai Bartel – 3rd place – Final G (7:55.26)
  • Francis Shein – 2nd place – Final H (7:47.65)
  • John-Wesley Appleton – 5th place – Final H (8:00.81)

U17 Men

  • George Martinson – 5th place – Final E (7:57.59)
  • Liam Benner – 1st place – Final G (7:48.99)
  • Mathieu Hanson – 4th place – Final H (7:55.47)
  • Christian Goff – 2nd place – Final I (7:56.63)

U19 Women

  • Abby Maillet (LW) – 4th place – Final B (8:41.44)
  • Emma Seawright – 6th place – Final E (9:16.88)
  • Rachel Weber – 1st place – Final J (8:57.46)
  • Mary Law – 6th place – Final J (10:28.11)

U17 Women

  • Elie Tenyenhuis – 3rd place – Final G (8:58.55)
  • Meredith Hillmayer – 6th place – Final G (9:26.69)
  • Kristina Harris – 6th place – Final H (9:14.71)
  • Grace Weaver – 5th place – Final I (9:09.73)

Zak Lewis, coach of the U17 women, stated how the athletes were “incredibly dedicated to making the most of this experience. The athletes exceeded expectations both on and off the water”.

On Sunday, the athletes climbed into quads (4x) and eights (8+) to compete in the Canada Cup Regatta. The Canada Cup regatta is composed of 500 meter sprints, against composite crews from each province. RCA’s High Performance Manager articulated the importance of sprint racing in developing the sport, as well as its role in creating “elite and well-rounded athletes”.

Team British Columbia captured wins in both the women’s and men’s eights, each by a photo finish. In the men’s quad, the two Ontario crews finished 2nd and 3rd with BC once again winning gold by less than 2 hundreds of a second. On the women’s side, the quad title was captured by a talented Quebec team, while ROWONTARIO crews finishing 3rd in the A-Final and 2nd in the B-Final.

Also racing on the women’s side were senior eights from Ontario and B.C.; both comprised of National Training Center athletes. The senior sprint came down to another photo finish as team Ontario narrowly squeaked out the win.

The team would like to extend an enormous thank you to all individuals who helped make this opportunity a reality. Firstly, to Brock University Rowing, UBC and Vancouver College for their generous donations of individual and team equipment. Further thanks to Mark Henry and his Fluidesign team, for all their assistance with transportation and equipment logistics. Lastly, the team would like to thank the umpires, volunteers and Rowing BC officials who made this event a success.

ROWONTARIO had an overwhelming presence at NRC’s, not only through our selected Provincial Teams, but from many Ontario athletes.

Top Ontario Performances

W 1x

  • Carling Zeeman – Gold
  • Jill Moffatt – Bronze

U23 W1x

  • Hayley Chase – Bronze

Jr W1x

  • Hailey Mercuri – Silver

LW 1x

  • Kate Haber – Bronze

PR3 W1x

  • Bayleigh Hooper – Gold

M 1x

  • Trevor Jones – Gold
  • Graham Peeters – Bronze

U23 M1x

  • Trevor Jones – Gold
  • Charles Alexander – Silver

Jr M1x

  • William Simpson – Gold
  • Kyle Nummi – Bronze

LM 1x

  • Joshua King – Bronze

U23 LM 1x

  • Alex Bernst – Gold

PR1 M1x

  • Jesse Heubner – Silver
  • Dave Innes – Bronze

PR3 M1x

  • Alexandre Martel – Bronze


  • Rebecca Zimmerman (ON) & Ivy Elling Quaintance (BC) – Bronze


  • Jakub Buczek (BC) & Will Crothers (ON) – Gold
  • Mackenzie Copp (ON) & Cody Bailey (NS) – Silver
  • Tim Schrijver & David DeGroot (ON) – Bronze

PR3 M2-

  • James Kwinecki & Josh Chiarot (ON) – GOLD

U23 M2-

  • Nicholas Tavares & Luke Gadsdon (ON) – Gold
  • Brendan Wall (BC) & Matthew Schultz (ON) – Silver
  • Travis Gronsdahl (BC) & Joseph Peers (ON) – Bronze