Row Ontario Forms Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Announcement/ Aug 7

Row Ontario Forms Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Row Ontario announced the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee on Friday. The committee was created to advance equity, inclusion and diversity across the Ontario rowing community.

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to ensure that the Board undertakes its work in an atmosphere of social justice, equity, and respect for diversity and inclusion; advocate for fair treatment of every person involved in the sport of rowing throughout Ontario; ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access the sport of rowing in Ontario in a manner that is relevant and appropriate to them; ensure that everyone is able to participate in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive sport system; develop and foster an inclusive and diverse environment for participants throughout Ontario; and embrace, respect, and value differences in people regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, abilities, education, background, individual’s unique life experiences, qualities, and characteristics.

Additionally, the committee will acknowledge that equality doesn’t always mean equity; that issues of race permeate the sport of rowing, whether it be the lack of diversity in participants or inequalities related to access to safe exercise spaces; and believe that all people from any background have equal value and deserve equality of treatment in human rights, social justice, and respect.

With the announcement of the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Row Ontario is also seeking expressions of interest from the Ontario rowing community for a position on the committee. Row Ontario is looking to fill five (5) positions on the committee including the Chairperson, as per the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Terms of Reference.

Qualifications – Individuals who are passionate about the issues of diversity, inclusion and equity in the Ontario rowing community and have experience or a sound understanding of the spectrum of diversity.

Term Lengths – The term of the Committee positions shall expire every year on the date of the Row Ontario AGM. The appointment of Committee members shall be done by the end of January, following the AGM. If the Committee members wish to continue and the Board approves their appointment, there shall be no limit to their term. Please note that the term of the initial committee will begin in the Fall 2020 and will extend to November 2021.

Appointment – The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Board from any of the voting members of the Committee.

Application Process
Interested individuals are asked to submit a letter expressing of interest to volunteer on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The letter will need to include a brief description of why you’d like to serve on the committee, including what background and experience you bring that would make you an ideal candidate for a position on the committee.

If you are interested in serving as the Chairperson for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, please include that in your expression of interest letter, as well.

All expressions of interests are due Friday, September 11 by 5pm via email to Andrew Backer at with “Diversity and Inclusion Committee Expression of Interest” in the subject line. All applications will be reviewed, and a decision on members of the committee will be communicated at a later date.

For more information on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and its mandate, please review the Terms of Reference below:

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Terms of Reference