Toronto’s Argonaut Rowing Club Celebrates 150 Years
Community News/ Dec 8

Toronto’s Argonaut Rowing Club Celebrates 150 Years

The Argonaut Rowing Club was founded in 1872 by Englishman Henry O’Brien. His intent was to create a competitive rowing club which would become one of the best. After 150 years the club can look back and say his dream has been fulfilled.

Legends, like Joe Wright Sr. who amassed 130 rowing titles, and his son, Diamond Sculls champ Joe Wright Jr. initiated a standard of excellence that propelled the Argonaut Club to become known as one of the great rowing clubs of the Americas.

The club sent 10 ARC crews to the Olympics prior to the advent of a national team selection system and in total, 67 Argonauts have represented their club and Canada at Olympic games since 1904, including ARC learn-to-row graduate Marnie McBean and Paralympian Victoria Nolan.

Despite catastrophic fires, floods and financial hardships over 150 years, the membership continues to honour the motto of “Pull Together”. They rebuilt the partially-destroyed club in the aftermath of the floods of 2017 and 2019. Members supported a $1.2 million community bond to finance this and to modernize the training and banquet facilities.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the club, the club has pulled together photos, interviews and archival materials into a 150-page full colour hardcover book.

A limited-edition printing of “Perseverance and Glory: The History of the Argonaut Rowing Club” is available through the Argo Store on their website by clicking here.