Weekend Preview: Beach Sprints Head to St. Catharines
Competition/ Aug 24

Weekend Preview: Beach Sprints Head to St. Catharines

Coastal Beach Sprints will headline the rowing action in Ontario this weekend as the St. Catharines Coastal Beach Sprints and & RCA Final Qualifier will take place from Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie.

Hosted by AMP Rowing, the event marks a return to beach sprints in the St. Catharines area after it debuted in 2019. The event has been designated an RCA Final Qualifier, meaning athletes may be selected to represent Canada in a series of international Coastal Beach Sprint events based on their performance. The competitors will compete in six events in Open (CW1x, CM1x, CMix2x) and U19 (CJW2x, CJM2x, CJMix2x) categories on a racecourse that will consist of both a land section and a water section. The land section consists of a 50m sprint on the beach to the water, while the water section is 250m long with three buoys. Crews will slalom out around the buoys and row straight back to the beach. The designated runner will then jump out of the boat and run 50m through the finish line and grab the flag in the sand to complete the race.

Athletes will have multiple chances to advance in head-to-head racing toward a final between the two fastest boats per category. The action will take place over the course of two days, with time trials, heats, and finals for the individual boats starting at 9am on Saturday and the same schedule with an 8am start for doubles on Sunday.

The other regatta on the schedule this weekend is the Argonaut Rowing Club’s Hogtown Heats, which will take place on Sunday. The Hogtown Heats is a 750m sprint regatta for recreational, adult novice, para, and junior novice athletes, held at the Argonaut Rowing Club in Toronto. In the touring world, the 17th annual Canadian Sculling Marathon will take place in Ottawa, Ont. and will be organized by the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club.

For more information on the St. Catharines Coastal Beach Sprints & RCA Final Qualifier, visit RegattaCentral.

For the full regatta schedule in Ontario, visit the Row Ontario website.

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