Ontario Rowers Compete in Home Head Race 3km Time Trials
Competition/ Oct 20

Ontario Rowers Compete in Home Head Race 3km Time Trials

Clubs from across Ontario recently competed in Row Ontario’s Home Head Race 3km Time Trials from Oct. 14-18. The event’s aim was to stimulate virtual inter-club competition around the province and give the competitors a chance to compare their times and see how well their training progressed during 2020.

A total of 147 competitors representing 15 clubs took part in the event, which took place exclusively in singles. Clubs that ran their own time trial event each set up a 3km straight stretch or loop at their club and submitted their athletes results to Row Ontario following the event. The fastest time submitted on the men’s side was from Andrew Mactaggart (Masters) from the Burnstown Rowing Club, who completed his 3km stretch in a time of 11:39.3. On the women’s side, Cassidy Deane (Senior) from the London Western Rowing Club topped the leaderboard in a time of 12:34.5.

The top-3 times in each category included Madeline Lauriault (Ottawa Rowing Club, 13:06.9), Clara Van Dyk (South Niagara Rowing Club, 13:32.7) and Anna Pamenter (Don Rowing Club, 13:42.7) in the women’s U17 division and Matthew Lokhonia (Ottawa Rowing Club, 12:02.5), Kyland Mels-Williams (London Western Rowing Club, 12:09.1) and Aidan Breen (Don Rowing Club, 12:25.9) in the men’s U17 division.

In the U19 divisions, Rachel Weber (Ottawa Rowing Club, 12:46.9) placed first on the women’s side, followed by Jillian Van Dyk (South Niagara Rowing Club, 13:15.3) in second, and Isabelle Ngo (Ottawa Rowing Club, 13:20.3) in third. On the men’s side, Aidan Hembruff (Ottawa Rowing Club, 11:55.6) placed first, followed by Payton Gauthier (Niagara Falls Rowing Club, 12:03.4) and David Klassen (Ottawa Rowing Club, 12:09.8).

Jackie Blunt (London and Western Rowing Club, 12:59.1) finished first among U23 women, followed by Abbey Maillet (Sudbury Rowing Club, 13:30.5) in second and Alex Freeman (London Western Rowing Club, 13:32.7) in third. Curtis Ames (London and Western Rowing Club (11:40.7) topped the U23 men’s list, while Caelan Weber-Martin (Guelph Rowing Club, 11:58.5) placed second and James Lovett (Guelph Rowing Club, 12:42.0) finished third.

Following Deane in the senior women’s division was Hayley Chase (Guelph Rowing Club, 13:21.0) in second and Sarah Pidgen (Don Rowing Club, 13:48.4) in third. In senior men’s action, Jared Thomson (Don Rowing Club, 12:33.6) had the fastest time, while teammate Lorne Thomas (Don Rowing Club, 12:48.1) placed second and Kurtis Sobkowich (Guelph Rowing Club, 12:57.7) finished third.

Cindy Rusak (Muskoka Rowing Club, 14:28.0) led the way for the masters women, followed by Francie Sweitzer (Thunder Bay Rowing Club, 15:21.0) in second and Heather MacDonald (Don Rowing Club (16:23.9) in third. Finishing behind Mactaggart in the masters men’s division was his teammate Leo Hall (Burnstown Rowing Club, 12:32.9) in second place and James Leigh (South Niagara Rowing Club, 12:59.1) in third.

Row Ontario Home Head Race – Full Results (Due to different courses and weather conditions, times may have been slightly affected)

Row Ontario would like to thank all the clubs and athletes who took part in the Home Head Race 3km Time Trials for helping create virtual racing opportunities for Ontario rowers and making this event a worthwhile endeavour.